Club Band - Club Is My Passion (Reissue)

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  • Club Band - Club Is My Passion (Reissue)
  • Club Band - Club Is My Passion (Reissue)

Though Club Band’s “Club is My Passion” was written as a jingle for Napoli’s Radio Club Novantuno, it is nonetheless a certified bomb of dancefloor pop. As was the case for the original release back in 1987, Best Record Italy presents the track as a vocal and instrumental version, and in the vocal cut, marimbas swim and funk guitars swing as reverb-shrouded handclaps fire over hard hitting disco drums. Brass leads mesmerize the mind and piano chords bang on the beat before the the track drops into a minimal verse, wherein skeletal electro rhythms and synthesized slap basslines flow beneath a cool croon of sensual masculinity, which is at times supported by backing vocals, sci-fi synth solos, and whispers of funk guitar. Angular beat patterns stutter over themselves while piano and synth converse across the stereo field, and during ascendant choruses, erotic solo screams and angelic diva dreams coalesce while computronic tracers spread out in every direction. And in excising most of the vocals, the accompanying instrumental version pushes ever closer towards dancefloor detonation, though touches of heavenly diva magic still tread throughout the grooves.


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